BelindaHello – my name is Belinda Griffin

Teaching your child to read is the single most important thing you can do as a parent to improve your child’s chances in life.

Do you find, though, that knowing *how* to help your child with reading is a little tricky? Or that finding the time for reading together is sometimes impossible?

I hear that. That’s why I set up this site. Happy Kids Read will help you and your child right now – whatever your stage of learning, whatever your specific challenges and whatever your personal circumstances.

When my daughter started learning to read I couldn’t believe how few resources are available for parents. There are websites that offer general information or ‘top 10 tips for reading with your child’, or activity sheets to give your child in the holidays, but where are the answers to our real questions? What we really want to know is:

  • What is my child learning at school?
  • How is my child being taught?
  • How can I help at home?
  • Is my child top of the class?
  • Is my child bottom of the class?
  • So what if he/she is?
  • Is my child being pushed too hard?
  • Is my child being stretched enough?
  • Does my child have a problem with reading?
  • What on earth is phonics?

The list goes on. The reality is we have very little idea of what goes on at school, which means we worry about our children’s learning but don’t know how to support it at home. When we do seek answers, there is a mass of conflicting information.

No more.

Happy Kids Read is for mums and dads in the UK. It isn’t a charity or an educational site authored by a literacy expert. I’m not a teacher. I am a parent, just like you. I know the issues that concern mums and dads because I feel them too. And I talk to other parents. The purpose of this site is to research the issues and get answers to our questions so we can be the best teachers possible for our children.

If you have a question or problem that isn’t answered on Happy Kids Read, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to get the info you need.

I am a writer with a passion for words and believe with all my heart that reading can make a difference to people’s lives. We all want happy kids, and teaching them to read is one way to help make that possible!